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Brief Introduction

CXJ has over 15 years of experience in RFID technology. We are an RFID tag manufacturer and global wholesaler providing customers with professional, reliable, one-stop service where you can buy RFID products and customize RFID solution with confidence.

Our Advantage

As a professional and experienced RFID tag manufacturer, we have our own large-scale factory and complete production line which can ensure products quality. There are more than 50+ salesmen in our business unit, they are responsible for different product sections to make sure every product in our company to be well known. In this way when customers come to find RFID products and RFID solutions they need, can always get professional and worry-free service.

Products We Supply

In addition to some common RFID tags, we are more committed to creating and producing special kinds of tags for industrial management, such as: High temperature RFID tag; Asset tracking RFID tag; Anti-metal RFID tag; RFID jewelry tag; RFID temperature probe sensor; RFID nail tag, etc.

RFID tags for animal managements:

RFID animal ear tag; RFID animal foot ring; Implantable glass tube tag, etc. RFID devices suitable for matching these RFID tags: UHF Android OS RFID handheld reader: Fixed desktop reader; Custom antenna and so on. Benefit from our close cooperation with chip suppliers, we can provide customers RFID tags with mainstream chips such as NXP Ntag series, Mifare Desfire/Ultralight/Classic/ series, ICODE series, etc.

CXJ Research&Development Center

Our professional R&D team has more than 10 years experience on RFID system solutions and we have successfully cooperated with many companies by providing them with perfect RFID Temperature Measurement Solution, RFID Jewelry Management Solution, RFID Livestock Management Solution, Car Parts Production Line RFID Solution, etc. For more details and information, welcome to learn more about CXJ RFID tag manufacturer and contact us.

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