How Much Does a Sex Doll Cost


Players who have not been exposed to sex dolls may have great questions, how much does a sex doll cost. So, let me give you a brief introduction first.
First of all, I believe that most people's concept of sex dolls is still in the era of inflatable dolls. In fact, inflatable dolls are no longer popular. Now the popular ones are TPE Sex Doll or Silicone Sex Doll. They are more beautiful in appearance and almost indistinguishable from real people. Different, the function is more complete, but the price is very high.

First of all, let's analyze the difference between modern sex dolls and inflatable dolls from the perspective of materials. Nowadays, sex dolls are generally made of TPE or Silicone, while inflatable dolls are a layer of balloon-like plastic. In terms of raw materials, current sex dolls are much more expensive than inflatable dolls. And inflatable dolls are hollow, modern sex dolls are solid. Second, the use experience, inflatable dolls are very good in use, easy to store, easy to open, fill up the air before use, and let the air out after use, which is really great, but because of its balloon-like structure, users The user experience will be very, very poor, the mobility of the limbs is poor, the vagina and other parts cannot be simulated very realistically, and the outside is really ugly in my opinion. Modern inflatable dolls are very difficult to store. It looks too much like a real person. Its height and weight are very similar to a real person, so it is not easy to hide. It is also inconvenient to move the simulated sex doll. The simulations are all very, very good, and will give you a real-life experience. I believe that everyone who buys adult products should care about the experience of use. The experience of modern sex dolls is much improved than that of inflatable dolls. This is really great.

Therefore, the current price of adult products can only be regarded as medium and high, the lowest is $200, and the expensive one is $6000, so you don't need to worry too much about the price of sex dolls, you just need to choose your favorite one, I believe you The cost will definitely be worth it.

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