How Much is a Sex Doll?- Sex Doll Price Guide


For new players who want to use sex dolls, the most critical question is: "How much does it cost to buy a sex doll?" More specifically, "How much should I pay for a sex doll" "bring me what?"
If you want to see the answer you want in just two or three lines, then I'm very sorry, I don't think two or three lines of explanation can completely answer your doubts.
Here I will systematically explain to you, why sex dolls can be priced from $400 to $4000, there is such a big gap, how much you should spend on a sex doll, and what a sex doll can bring you.

How Sex Dolls are Priced

The price of all goods in the world is composed of Materials + Manufacturing + Transportation + Profit



  • Material Type
  • All sex dolls on the market now have basically only two materials, TPE material, or silicone material.
    Both TPE and silicone can imitate the feel of human skin very well, but

    tpe and Silica gel

    TPE: It has disadvantages such as porosity and heat resistance.

    Silicone: Silicone is more expensive

  • Material Quality
  • < Do you think all TPEs and silicones are good? >
    I'm sorry to tell you that not all sex doll manufacturers choose to use good materials.
    In fact, it cannot be said that it is a good material, because whether it is TPE or silicone, when they are delivered to the factory, they are all pure TPE and pure silicone.
    It all depends on how much other substances the manufacturer mixes in these materials, some sex doll manufacturers mix other substances in order to give the sex doll user a better feel, but some are simply to save costs, which is very hateful .
    Of course, their recipes are kept secret, because it's a commercial secret about the sex doll's touch experience.
    Therefore, sex dolls with higher quality and better hand feel will have a high price, while sex dolls with low quality and poor hand feel will not need me to say more.
    But silicone sex dolls are indeed more expensive than TPE ones. This is beyond question.
  • Material Weight
  • < Of course the heavier the more expensive >
    the higher the height and the havier the weight of sex dolls are more expensive, such as BBW Sex Doll....... there is no doubt about it.


    Manufacture of sex dolls

  • Manufacturing process
  • Although the manufacturing process of sex dolls is relatively simple, if you want a good-looking face or a finer hand, you do need to spend more money to buy them.
  • Manufacturer
  • Now there are many, many well-known sex doll manufacturers, scale WM, SE, 6YE, and so on. Some manufacturers' products are indeed more expensive, but I have to say that their quality is also very good.


    As we know, cross-border shipping was very difficult many years ago, and now we can see it's getting easy, but the cost getting higher also.
    There are generally two types of transportation.
    Sea freight: The price is cheap, but the shipping period is long. However, some manufacturers will ship their own products to warehouses around the world by sea first, so that if customers place an order directly, they will be shipped to customers quickly.
    Air Freight: Not a hate suggested option. too expensive.


    No matter how good businessmen do not make money, they will starve to death, so it is necessary to have profits, This calculation is different for each manufacturer. I'm not too sure either.
    < When you see this, Do you still think buying a sex doll is an easy question? >
    But you can rest assured that the above just needs to tell you what the sex doll you buy is like. In the actual purchase process, you can simply bring your needs closer to the following three grades of sex dolls.

    How Much Should You Spend on a Sex Doll

    Entry-level Sex Dolls - Low Price Sex Dolls

    < Entry-level sex dolls, fully functional and cheap!!! >

    Price Range: $400-$800

    Quick Links: Mini Sex DollCheap Sex Doll

    If you are still thinking about whether you need this sex doll, then what you need to consider isn't how's the functions of the sex doll, but whether are you accept or like to have sex with a sex doll.
    This is very important! ! ! ! !

    If you buy a sex doll for one or two thousand dollar directly, and you find that you don't like having sex with sex dolls at all? ? ?
    what to do? what to do?
    Sell? (No kidding, no one wants a used sex doll, and if you give it away for free, someone probably will.) Or sneak in the trash? 

    Also, that's a lot of money, and we don't want you to waste it. So I sincerely suggest you can buy a cheap sex doll when you haven't considered it or don't know whether you are suitable or not.
    Entry-level sex dolls are generally mini sex dolls. teen sex doll If you buy in our store, you don't need to worry at all. For quality problems, we will only put products produced by regular manufacturers on the shelves. Although the price is cheap, the appearance of the sex doll is still heart-warming.

    Mid-Range Sex Doll

    < The most available category, and all major manufacturers are fully engaged in this category. >

    Price Range: $900—$2000

    Quick Links: Realistic Sex DollTPE Sex Doll

    If you've decided that you need sex dolls and you love having sex with sex dolls, don't hesitate to choose in this price range. What you need is long-term use and your own enjoyment, entry-level sex dolls are no longer in your choice. (unless the money is not enough~ haha)
    All I can say is that in this price range, there are just too many, too many types of dolls. You can definitely find the girl of your dreams.

    High end Sex Dolls

    < What is high-end! Customized! Only belong to you, unique >

    Price Range: Above $2000 Possibly more!

    Quick Links: $2000 or more

    If you want an amazing doll right away, or you've used sex dolls for a long time, or you want to create a one-of-a-kind sex doll just for you. Then this category of sex dolls is what you should choose.
    Tell me your needs, what you want, there is no way you can't make it, The best materials, the best joint handling, and the best skin feel are all here. There are also various movable parts.


    The first paragraph of the article takes you to quickly learn the knowledge related to sex dolls. I believe you already know the composition of the selling price of sex dolls. You can know more clearly what you need. The second paragraph of the article is to classify all the sex dolls. I believe that after reading this article, you must be able to make a choice and choose a sex doll that suits you. There is one more sentence, you must not be influenced by the sex dolls. own life (buying sex dolls at prices they can no longer afford).

    Finally, I wish you all to choose your favorite sex doll and spend a good life with your own sex doll.

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