How to Buy Sex Dolls in Switzerland ? | Sex Doll Shopping Guide


Switzerland is a very beautiful country and if you are looking to buy sex dolls in Switzerland then this article should give you the answer.

At present, most doll manufacturers have set up warehouses in Europe and the United States to store some hot-selling sex dolls. Like us, we have a Sex Doll Stock in EU page and Sex Doll Stock in US page on our website. The price of such sex dolls will be lower than buying from the origin, and the delivery time will be greatly shortened, no longer need to be produced, just choose the warehouse closest to you for delivery.

But today we have a customer in Switzerland who ordered a sex doll in stock in Europe and had a lot of problems. First of all, we choose to ship from European stock, but the answer from the warehouse is that we can't ship to Switzerland, because Switzerland has left the EU, so we can only spend more money to ship from China where the sex doll is produced and give it to the customer. More unfortunate things happened when we had to pay very expensive shipping. The shipping company told us that there is no shipping company in Switzerland that can help with customs clearance. After the goods arrive in Switzerland, the customer needs to clear the customs by himself.

This is very inconsistent with our website's free shipping and customs clearance policy, so we tell everything to the customer, wait for the customer's response, and decide to ship or refund based on the customer's response.
Subsequent results will not be shared with you.

I now tell all my clients in Switzerland. Sorry for not being able to send European stock items to Switzerland, there is nothing I can do about it.

I am in Switzerland, how can I buy sex dolls?

If you are in urgent need of sex dolls, then I suggest you choose sex dolls shipped from the country of origin, most of the sex dolls are produced in China, and the courier from China to Switzerland is also very fast, only about 5~7 pieces Working days, so choosing a sex doll shipped from China is your best bet. Buying adult products and sex dolls is legal in Switzerland, and mini sex dolls are currently shipping, so you have more options. But you need to pay more.

That's all I want to say to clients from Switzerland on our website. Finally, I wish all sex doll lovers from Switzerland a smooth purchase of sex dolls.

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