How to Hide Sex Dolls in Your Home


If you're wondering how to hide sex dolls, you're not alone. There are countless ways to hide sex dolls in the house. If you are using mini sex doll, then it is more convenient to hide.The wardrobe and closet are two of the most common places to hide sex dolls. You can also use a Tupperware box or suitcase. .

Using a storage box

When you're looking for a safe place to keep your sex dolls, a storage box is a convenient solution. A storage box can be easily hidden and covered with items. Place the box under your bed or anywhere you'd rather not have your doll out in plain sight.

Before you hide your sex dolls in a storage box, be sure that you have the right size. People are prone to checking bedside cabinets while they explore their rooms. If your sex dolls are stored in a bedside cabinet, they will be very visible to them. This is why it's important to choose a storage box that's the right size and shape.

Using a suitcase

A suitcase can be an excellent place to hide a sex doll. Make sure the suitcase is the right size for the doll and lock it. This way, it won't be easily accessible to other family members. One drawback to a suitcase is that it doesn't lock very well. If someone tries to open the suitcase, they'll be able to see the sex doll. You can also hide the suitcase anywhere in your home. Most people place their suitcases under their beds.

Another good place to hide sex dolls is a storage box. These can be placed under a bed or anywhere else in your room. You can even cover the box with soft objects and place it in a closet. This is a great option, but make sure the box is out of sight of other family members.

Using a Tupperware box

One of the best ways to keep a sex doll hidden is in a Tupperware box. These boxes are non-see-through, making them the perfect storage solution. You can place them in an upper closet, under a bed, or anywhere else you don't want people to see them. Not only will the box prevent unwanted attention, but it will also protect your doll from damage.

Another great option is to use a shoebox. Not only is the shoebox a perfect size for hiding small items, but it also has a lockable compartment that can hold up to 9" long toys. One disadvantage to this hidey-hole is that it doesn't have a charging port and isn't antimicrobial. Air circulation could also be an issue.

Using a hook

One of the best places to hide a sex doll is your garage. This is because it is one of the places your kids rarely explore. Since the garage can be humid and hot, you'll need a safe place to put your sex doll. Cover it with soft fabric and hide it away somewhere the kids won't find it easily.

Another good hiding place for your sex doll is your closet. Closet hooks come in many sizes and styles. Using a hook on the back of the doll helps to distribute pressure evenly and avoid any injury to the skeleton.

Using a portable closet

One of the safest places to hide sex dolls is in a closet. When buying a sex doll, many online stores include a storage hook with the doll that can be hung in a closet. This way, your sex doll is safe and out of sight.

There are also other ways to hide a sex doll. A detached shed may be ideal. If the room is clean and free of windows, the doll won't be visible to snoopers. Another method is to bury or lock the sex doll.

Using a cabinet

There are many places where you can hide sex dolls, and one of the best places is in a cabinet. This will keep people from knowing where the doll is and won't cause any suspicion. You can even lock it, if you wish. If you have a low budget, a lockable bed storage box is an option. Another good place to hide your doll is under heavy items like a dress, towel, or blanket.

You can also lock the closet door, which will deter people from trying to open the closet. A good way to prevent this is to lock the door with a special drill piece. This way, only you and your partner will be able to open the closet. You can also use a lock and a door handle to make it harder for others to open the closet. If you don't have a lock or a door handle, you can use a box with a soft cloth to hide the doll.

Using a bench

If you want to hide a sex doll, you can use a bench with a storage compartment. This type of bench is commonly found in a bedroom and can be used to hide your doll, as well as other items. It can also be used as extra seating.

To create a bench with a storage compartment, first you will need a bench frame. This frame will support the planks that are positioned under the seat. The frame should be made of solid wood. The frame is then clamped together. Once the frame is in place, add the slats. Be sure to space them evenly, and make sure that they are level. Once this is done, you can add leg bracing for extra safety.

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