Oral Sex Doll | Sex Doll for Automatic Oral Sex !


When you play with your sex doll again, it's always you posing her and you exercising. So have you ever thought about how wonderful it would be if a sex doll could move by itself, you lay on the bed and the sex doll was giving you oral sex, wow, this feeling is so perfect!

Next, let me introduce the robot sex doll from SE's family!

First of all, please enjoy the video of SE's robot sex doll.

The Oral sex doll in the video is already capable of automatic oral sex and automatic sex,

So how is this sex doll made? In fact, it is not difficult to see that SE just added a motor and a connecting rod device to the doll, so that the sex doll can be shaken. But please don't think this is a simple thing, because there is a process in the production process of sex dolls, which is to use the mold to make the body of the sex doll.

If you install a motor and a drive shaft inside the sex doll now, there are only two ways, either to put it in the mold, or to open the back of the sex doll after the sex doll is made to install the motor. The former is difficult. It is because the temperature is very high when the mold is poured, and the installation of the motor has a large damage rate. The latter is to repair the opening on the sex doll, which is not difficult.

This is the strength of SE's family. She can already mass produce sex dolls like the ones in the video, and the functions are still being upgraded. In the end, it is really possible to make an intelligent sex doll robot.

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