Sex Doll Cost


I believe that many people who buy sex dolls will be concerned about a question, are my sex dolls expensive? How much does this sex doll cost?

When it comes to the cost of producing a sex doll, it is nothing more than raw materials, labor, warehousing, and transportation.

The first is the raw materials. At present, sex dolls are divided into TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls. TPE is much cheaper than silica gel, and TPE can be reused, but silica gel cannot, so the cost will be much higher. For example, from the mold Take out an inverted sex doll, but find that it has a groove caused by air bubbles, then if it is made of TPE material, it can be melted at high temperature and re-molded, while the silicone sex doll can only be scrapped. Then there is the skeleton of the sex doll, which is generally produced by steel structure, with high quality and good effect, but the weight is large, but at this stage there is already a light skeleton, but the damage rate is still relatively high, and it is necessary to find better materials.

The second is the labor cost. If a sex doll is produced entirely by machine, it is not good. Makeup, assembly, skin texture, and hair transplantation all need to be done manually. The current technology cannot be completely replaced by machines, and the artificial ones are more close to the real feeling than the machine ones.

The third is the storage of sex dolls. Except for customized sex dolls, all sex dolls will be produced in advance and then stored in the warehouse. The usage fee of the warehouse is a large expense, but each sex doll Flattened down, it will be a lot less.

The fourth is the transportation of sex dolls, which is also the place where the most money is spent. Sex dolls are very bulky and heavy, and there is a high possibility of damage if they are improperly transported, so transportation will be very expensive. I saw very cheap and cheap sex dolls on the Internet. Maybe you need to pay for the freight. The freight and the price together may be much more expensive than the sex dolls purchased on other websites, and all the sex dolls on our website. All are free shipping. We have a lot of shipping companies that have in-depth cooperation, so we can reduce the shipping cost of our products.

These are all the costs of a sex doll from production to your hands.

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