Sex Doll Skeleton - The Most Critical Parts of a Sex Doll


What is the most important thing in a sex doll, it must be the skeleton of the sex doll. A sex doll without a skeleton cannot be called a sex doll. Through slow development, the skeletons of sex dolls can now be divided into three types, basic models, EVO models and weight loss models. Below I will give you a detailed introduction to the skeletons of basic sex dolls and EVO sex dolls. difference. 

Basic Sex Doll Skeleton!

Basic Sex Doll Skeleton

The basic sex doll skeleton is also the most used sex doll skeleton. It is used by almost all major manufacturers. The production process is mature and strong, and the movable range is relatively large. It is basically the same as a real person. Posing is also possible with sex dolls using the base skeleton.Realistic sex dolls and mini sex dolls use this skeleton

Crafting materials

The skeleton is basically made of steel structure with welding process. The steel structure is heavy but very strong. <, p>

Technical progress

When the steel frame was initially used, it was easy to break at the joints, partly because the joints were relatively fragile and could not withstand a lot of torsion. Part of the reason is the usage habits of the players. Also, the lubrication and linkage between the connectors are not very good, so many players need to use a lot of strength to swing the limbs of the sex doll, but now, these problems have been solved, only very bad sex dolls Only the original unimproved steel frame was used.

EVO Sex Doll Skeleton

EVO Sex Doll Skeleton

The further upgrade of the steel structure allows the sex doll to perform the same shoulder shrug action as the real person, which is closer to the real person.

Crafting materials

It is also made of steel structure and welding process

Technical progress

In order to complete the action of shrugging the sex doll's shoulders, the sex doll engineers replaced the steel structure connectors on the sex doll's shoulders from one to two, so that the sex doll's shoulders can be moved, which is really a both Simple and perfect solution to improve the skeleton of the sex doll with a very simple missing link

Slimming Sex Doll Skeleton

Due to the heavy weight of the steel structure sex doll, some manufacturers are preparing to develop a new type of sex doll skeleton - a weight-reducing sex doll skeleton,

Crafting materials

Definitely also partially supported by steel structure, plus some sort of lightweight material in place of most of the padded TPE exterior.

Technical progress

The weight reduction sex doll is generally made of a lighter steel structure sex doll skeleton plus the internal support of the sex doll, just like a sofa, bracket + sponge + outer skin! Made with three layers. Under normal circumstances, there are only two layers of sex dolls. The first layer is the main steel structure, and the second layer is made of TPE or silicone for the production of the sex doll skin. Generally, a lot of materials are used, so the sex doll will be very heavy, and the weight will be reduced. The sex doll has three layers. The first layer is also a steel frame, but they add a layer of light internal support to the steel surface, like a sponge in a sofa. The third layer is the sex doll skin made of TPE or silicone. This structure can greatly reduce the weight of the sex doll, thus bringing a better experience to all customers!

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