What's in a Sex Doll Suit?


Of course, there must be my doll in the sex doll suit, which contains some of the tools our sex dolls use, which I will explain below.

1. The first is a wig, which is convenient for you to wash your hair or change to your favorite hairstyle

2. The second is a comb, which allows you to better take care of the doll's hair

3. The third is underwear. As a doll, how can you not have your own underwear? You can dress your doll in a variety of clothes so you can see a different doll every day. Our dolls wear standard sizes. , buy with confidence

4. The fourth is the quilt, I won't say more about this, everyone knows

5. The fifth is a vagina cleaning tool, which is convenient for users to clean their own dolls

6. The sixth is a vaginal heating rod, heating before use can make you experience a more real feeling

Are you excited to see so many things above? We have a lot of realistic sex dolls for you to choose from, come and buy them, if you have any other questions, you can ask our online customer service.

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