Who Made Sex Dolls


Have You Ever Wondered How Sex Dolls Came About? Who Makes Sex Dolls? This is Certainly a Story That Social Historians Will Unravel for Years to Come.

In Just a Few Centuries, the Original Puppets Have Been Transformed into Lifelike Robots, and As More and More Lifelike Dolls Are Released, the Technology Behind Them Shows No Sign of Slowing Down.

One of the Earliest Recorded Instances of the Use of Sex Toys Was in the 17th Century, when Hand-stitched Leather Puppets Made by Dutch Sailors Were Traded with Japanese Sailors. Sailors Were Reportedly Feeling Lonely on Long Voyages, So One Thing Led to Another.

Fast Forward a Few Centuries Later to the 1930s, and Writer Anthony Ferguson Believes This Was when German Surrealist Artist Hans Bellmer Invented a More Modern Version of the Sex Doll.

"the Bizarre Erotic Models Created by Belmer in the 1930s Differed from Functional Sex Dolls Only in That They Lacked the Necessary Orifices for Penetration," He Wrote in "sex Dolls: a History," Published in 2010. the Invention of These Holes Came at the End of World War Ii.

But if You Believe in Urban Legends, You Might Think They Were Invented by Adolf Hitler. the Theory That Circulated Was That He Made Them Stop Germans from Sleeping with Non-aryan Women, and Others Said He Instituted Policies to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Nazi Army. However, No Evidence Has Been Released to Prove That These Claims Have Any Substance.

Decades Later, in the United States, Sex Dolls Were First Advertised in Pornographic Magazines Around 1968, when the Sale of Sexual Services Through Posts Became Legal.

Since Then, the Dolls Have Become More Realistic over Time, and New Silicone Materials Have Paved the Way for Completely Eliminating the Need for Humans (which It Wasn't). Now, in the 21st Century, Talking Sex Robots Are Even Bringing Artificial Emotional Intimacy to the Table. Complete Packaging.

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