Women Against Sex Dolls


Women often say there will be a man or group of men raving about lifelike sex dolls and sex robots, and how men no longer need women because they have everything an inanimate object needs.

They often feel that women are shaking in our boots and begging them to come back.

Whenever it is claimed that sex dolls are better companions than women and that women will soon be replaced, all I can think of is that it clearly comes from someone who obviously can't handle a relationship with someone who needs them. Someone who is controlling, demanding and inconsiderate of others, he can be an unpleasant partner at best and an abusive partner at worst. I'm relieved that their chosen partner doesn't get hurt by their antics.

I think they sometimes need a personal slave whose only task is to do whatever they want, as a companion. I'm not worried about men replacing women with dolls and robots.

After all, sex dolls don't really replace women, at least not when it comes to having children.

Although sex dolls cannot completely replace women, they can also do some things for women. The realistic sex dolls I bought here before, the feel and workmanship are no different from the real ones, the quality is not bad, there are various types, you can take a look.

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