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A large collection of 125cm sex dolls, if you want to buy a lightweight and realistic sex doll, then the 125cm height sex doll is your perfect choice!

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Height Comparison Chart

In order to allow customers to clearly understand the height of sex dolls, and to better select dolls, you can check the reference picture.
The man on the far right of the picture is 175cm tall, and the rest is the comparison between sex dolls of different heights and this man.

80cm: The 80cm sex doll is very small and the fidelity is not high enough, but she is very light and cheap
100cm: 100cm is basically the height of an ordinary child, and the body details are sufficient. There are also many Sex Dolls Torso in this category.
125cm Sex Doll: 125cm is the height of most mini sex dolls, this height is enough to give the sex doll more realistic details and the price is relatively low.
140cm: 140cm is the height of a teen with super realistic details and a youthful body, if you prefer Teen Sex Dolls, click this for sure!
Height Comparison Chart

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