If you have any common questions about sex dolls, I'm sure you can find the answers here. To make it easier for all customers to find the answers they are looking for, we have divided the question about sex dolls into three parts:

  • Sex Doll FAQ
  • Before Sex Doll Use
  • Sex doll Use
  • After Sex Doll Use
  • Sex Doll FAQ

    Below are frequently asked questions about sex dolls.

    What is the Difference Between Tpe Sex Dolls and Silicone Sex Dolls?

    Whether it is a silicone sex doll or a TPE sex doll, their production process is the same, but the materials, prices and details are different.

  • Material: One is made of silicone material, the other is made of TPE material, the silicone material feels harder, and the TPE material feels softer
  • Price: The price of silicone sex dolls is much higher than that of TPE sex dolls.
  • Details:The drawing of the silicone sex doll is more high-end, which can show more details of the sex doll and be more like a real person.
  • Before Sex Doll Use

    Sex dolls are an expensive investment that will give you a very good return, but I want my customers to pay attention to the precautions they should take before using their sex dolls so that my customers can get the most bang for their buck.

    The range of motion of the sex doll's limbs

    Be careful when posing before using a sex doll. The limbs of sex dolls have a certain range of motion.
    Although today's sex dolls have a vastly increased range of motion, they still don't move as freely as real people do. If you are swinging a sex doll's arm, you should stop immediately when you move too hard and the arm cannot move, your sex doll is likely to be damaged. The reason you can't move it is not that you are not strong enough, but that you have not found the skill.
    The limbs of the sex doll are made of steel structure with specific sliding trajectories. You can try to find the rails slowly first. This way, you can easily make the sex doll any shape you want later.

    Your best helper when you have sex with a sex doll—lube

    Before using a sex doll, it is recommended that you prepare a bottle of oil-based lubricant.
    The vagina of sex dolls is relatively dry and does not produce water like a real woman, so your skin may be damaged when using it. We strongly recommend that you apply a little lubricant when using it, and the experience will be better after application!

    Sex Doll Use

    When using sex dolls, you may encounter various problems. The following are some of the questions and answers we have collected and sorted out. I hope they can help you.

    Should I use a condom when I use a sex doll?

    follow your heart.
    Sex dolls don't get pregnant and don't transmit viruses (unless you use a sex doll with other people), you can go without a condom, and that's okay if you prefer condoms.

    After Sex Doll Use

    After using the sex doll, some newbies will still encounter some problems. The following are the problems that we will encounter after using the sex doll. I hope it can be helpful to you.

    How to wash sex dolls?

    The sex doll still needs to be cleaned after use. You can also just wash her vagina and then dry it. If you want to wash her whole body, you can read our blog, which will tell you in detail how to clean the sex doll.
    How to Clean a Sex Doll

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