Choose the brand you want and start custom sex doll for your self ~

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FU Doll custom sex doll
SILIKODOLL custom sex doll
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AOTUME custom sex doll

FAQ About Custom Sex Dolls

Some questions we usually want to know

QWhy is the First Step in Custom Sex Dolls Choosing a Brand?

First of all, custom sex dolls must follow certain principles, that is, all important accessories of custom sex dolls must use the same brand, such as:
If you like SE Doll's body and 6YE Doll's head, then this is not customizable.
The head of the 6YE Doll sex doll will most likely not fit the SE Doll sex doll's body properly.

Of course, other non-important accessories can be selected from other homes, such as wigs, etc.~

QHow Long is the Production Cycle for Custom Sex Dolls?

The production cycle of custom sex dolls is generally long. If the sex doll model you choose happens to be in stock at the production facility, it can be very fast. The shortest time from production to delivery is about 3 days. If the factory has no inventory, it takes 6 to 9 days from production to delivery.

Although the waiting time will be longer, as long as the doll is customized, it belongs to you alone, very unique~.

QCan We Accept Picture Customization?

Of course we can accept picture customization, but what you also need to know is that custom sex dolls are very expensive, and we cannot do 100% restoration of the characters in the photos. At best, we can only achieve about 85% similarity with the person in the photo you sent us.

If you want us to use pictures to help you custom sex doll, you need a lot of pictures, pictures from all angles of the characters are needed, and this process is very cumbersome, our character designers must fine-tune the models of the characters. This is a long and error-prone process. So when you want to customize sex dolls, you must have enough patience and enough money.


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