Mini Sex Doll丨Best Choice for Getting Started with Sex Dolls !

Mini Sex Dolls are generally smaller than 100cm. The biggest advantage of small sex dolls is that they are lighter. Our mini sex dolls are perfect for those who want to own sex dolls but want to carry and store mini sex dolls more easily. Our mini sex dolls use the softest TPE silicone to experience the most authentic feeling. Welcome to buy.

  • The sales of small sex dolls are very good. Everyone knows why the sales are so good. The most important point is that the price is cheap. Because the material is less than that of the simulated sex doll, it is cheaper in terms of materials, plus The weight of the doll itself is relatively light and small, so the shipping fee will be greatly reduced, which makes the price of the doll for all customers very low. The above are the reasons for the good sales of mini sex dolls in general. In fact, there are many reasons. Next, I will make it clear to you bit by bit.

  • Many people are afraid to order small sex dolls after reading various stories about customs seizure of small dolls (usually in countries like Canada, UK and Australia), but in the US, Germany, France, Japan, this is not a problem.
    In strictly religious countries (such as Middle Eastern countries and some countries in Africa), sex dolls are completely banned (we know it's tragic!).
    In many countries they are perfectly fine as long as they meet the criteria to ensure they are not childish. For example, Australia, Norway and the UK have height guidelines for small breast dolls, which often means that mini sex dolls or extra-small dolls are not allowed unless they have huge breasts and large curved hips. If in doubt, feel free to join our live chat and ask about the specific doll you are interested in. Australia has more regulations, not only for height, but also for breast size, A cup breast size is technically considered too small.
    Remember, your doll is more likely to attract attention if the doll you are ordering happens to be within the minimum height guidelines allowed in your country. For example, in the UK, 140cm is an estimated guideline for minimum height, however, we generally recommend that you order above this height, preferably 150cm and above, to completely clear all obstacles - especially if it's a cute little doll Important face or small breasts. Still not sure? Leave us a message and we will help you. Below is a guide for each country that applies not only to small sex dolls, but also to life-size sex dolls.
    national legitimacy The following countries are legal
    North America: Anguilla, Belize, Canada, Georgia, Mexico, United States
    South America: Argentina, Aruba, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay
    Asia: Armenia, Cambodia, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey
    Europe: Aland Islands, Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine
    Africa: Angola, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland
    Oceania: Kiribati, New Zealand
    UK Law and Standards: The general rule is over 140cm, but there are some exceptions.
    Australian legal standard: Over 147cm, bust size B cup or larger (i.e. no A cup).
    Norwegian legal standard: over 140 cm.
    Not legal in the following countries
    Azerbaijan, Brazil, Egypt, India,
    Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan,
    Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Algeria,

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