Are Sex Dolls Worth It ?


 In fact, this is a question full of subjective intentions, no matter from which point of view. Based on my years of experience selling sex dolls, there are thousands of reasons a potential buyer would want to buy them. People who don't want to buy just need a reason. I'll use fiery language about what's worth and what's not.
The reader just has to see which one impresses you more, or which aspect you cannot tolerate. This basically determines "Are sex dolls worth buying?"

Here, I will briefly introduce sex dolls.

  • Adult Products: realistic sex dolls.
  • This is a solid bionic doll, mostly 1:1 scale anthropomorphic, some with more exaggerated bust and hip measurements. (99.999% of sex dolls look better than real people)
  • Material: At present, the simulation dolls on the market are basically made of TPE material for the whole body, silicone material for the whole body, silicone material for the head, and TPE material for the whole body.
  • Price: $500~$10000 (brand, material, function and other factors lead to a huge price range for sex dolls)
  • Sex Doll Sex Doll Sex Doll

    It's Worth It!

    (now I'm a very sex doll lover)

    I believe that many people are still stuck in the concept of inflatable dolls, but do not know the existence of real dolls.
    A doll is a physical bionic doll that simulates a human in a 1:1 scale and is most similar to a real person except for a wax figure.
    But having sex with a real person requires good chemistry (except for prostitutes I don't like, it feels too dangerous.), connection, and attraction. But this doesn't always exist. You have to be a little lucky, have a little money, spend a lot of time and effort, and you won't necessarily succeed. If you fail, your previous effort and money will be 0.

    If you compare effort to results, it's 100 times better than having sex. Dolls do not require any effort. But you can put in the effort and I enjoy it. Dressing her up, putting on makeup, and getting her ready for sex is exciting. Clean up a little afterward. simple. Even if you find your dream girl lucky and relaxed, she wants to go home when you want to, not spend hours searching, talking to women, reducing anxiety, experiencing problems, complications, miscommunication etc. to meet all her needs. She wants something. The doll wants nothing. All you need is imagination. They feel good, and in many ways even better. Most women don't have the perfect body. The doll has what you want and you really designed her. Choose chest size, height, hair color and style, eye color, even if you have some fantasies like elf or anime, vampires, or highly unlikely body types like EE sized boobs for a 5ft female, you want it, you Understandable. So you tell me, is it better to have someone who happens to be in the same place as you, or is it better to have your ideal perfect person?

    If you watch a documentary about the people who bought these dolls, you'll see that (most of) these people have all but given up jumping into the gene pool. Their understanding of women is now so confusing that they can no longer have a real relationship and are more likely to have this false fantasy relationship with something.

    In reality, the relationship between men and women is constantly derailed. You can't imagine how much harm your girlfriend or boyfriend cheating can do to you. Some people who want to buy sex dolls are hurt by them and no longer believe in love. .so they chose this project that can accompany their life and sex life.

    Not worth it!

    (Now I am a very dislike of sex dolls) You need to understand, if you need sex or companionship, what do you want? These things sex dolls can't actually give you. First, you can't have sex with sex dolls because sex dolls are not people. The correct term for using a sex toy is masturbation.
    That being said, a healthy relationship with a healthy person usually doesn't prohibit the use of sex toys.
    The price of sex dolls is very expensive, coupled with the constant number of fakes in the market, it becomes very difficult for you to buy sex dolls, after all no one wants to waste money, think about your wallet, look at the price of expensive sex dolls, not everyone can afford such a high price.
    If you want to buy a sex doll purely for sex, you might as well drop your requirements and buy a cheap masturbator, which is also a very good choice, even if it's not as realistic as a doll. Sex dolls are huge and weight is a serious issue. After you buy it, think about where to put her. What if someone gets in, and what do you do if they find out you're using a sex doll? This is downright embarrassing! !
    Also, if you're looking for a real life partner later, do you think he or she would mind if you like having sex with a sex doll before you like him?


    Well, everyone, my brainstorming is over. If it was my choice, I should buy a sex doll. After all, I have a little spare money, I have lived a good life, and I can try new things.
    Whether you want to buy a sex doll or not is definitely up to you, think about the advantages of a sex doll, and then think about the disadvantages. If you have already thought about getting a sex doll, then don't hesitate to place an order. The faster you place an order, the sooner you can experience the fun of sex dolls. If you have decided not to buy a sex doll, then I hope you can firmly close the sex doll website you browse, and strengthen your own mind,

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