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hi~ I'm Nielsen, the webmaster of this website, you want to buy a sex doll, but you can't choose what you want, then I can tell you something very important, sex dolls are completely customizable.
Usually, customers will customize the face, hairstyle, eyes, etc., but in fact, everything on the sex doll can be customized and changed, such as the depth of the vagina, the tightness, whether it can add movable functions, or whether it can be changed. Speaking of which, these are all optional, and the options on our website are just a small selection.
If you find the face shape of your favorite sex doll and the body shape of your favorite sex doll, then you just need to tell me directly, you don't need to ask me if I can customize it, but it is recommended that you choose between sex dolls of the same brand Choose, if it is a sex doll from the same manufacturer, since the production scale is the same, it can basically be spliced.
If you want to customize a sex doll that only belongs to you, there is no problem. You only need to send us the data of the sex doll you want, height measurements and other data. After research and development by our design department, if it can be customized, You will be contacted by email, and if you don't want others to buy your custom sex doll, there is no problem.

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