Having Sex With a Sex Doll - What Positions Can You Use?

What positions can you use to have sex with a sex doll

You can use different positions when having sex with your sex doll to make it feel more realistic. Some of the positions you can use include the cowgirl, doggy, and missionary positions. In addition, you can try the reverse cowgirl position.

Changing positions makes sex with a sex doll feel more realistic

Changing positions when having sex with a sex doll can make the experience more realistic. One way to do this is to lie down on the floor with your legs spread apart. Next, place the sex doll's leg over yours, underneath it, or to the side. This position will allow you to reach orgasm faster.

Another way to make sex with a sex dolly feel more realistic is to move the doll around the room. A corner of the room is the perfect place for a sex doll, as it will provide some support for the doll. You can also try holding the doll with one leg raised so that you can achieve deep penetration.

Another popular position is the bent over position. This allows penetration from behind and is ideal for vaginal penetration. You can also add some extra hotness to the position by flexing your butt. This position can also be used outside the bedroom, as long as you keep your partner in a good position and avoid abrasive surfaces.

Using the missionary position

Using the missionary position is an excellent option when having sex with a sex-doll. It allows you to face the sex doll's face and shoot the load over her face. This position also gives you the chance to reach a much deeper penetration and have an ultra-great orgasm.

You can also use a doll in a doggy position. To use this position, place the doll on its knees on the bed and stretch its legs out at the back to balance. Depending on your preference, you can use hard or smooth penetration.

This position is perfect for first-timers. It's easy to perform and allows for easy penetration. You can use your doll's long legs to thrust up the shaft. This position is a great option if you're cramped for space.

Using the doggy position

When you are using a sex doll, the doggy position is a good place to start. It's similar to the position couples have in porn videos. Specifically, it allows the user to fuck the sex doll from behind. You can also bend the sex doll while having sex, making it more fun and sexy. In this position, the sex doll can reach its climax and ejaculate within minutes. Be sure to use lube to ensure natural penetration.

The doggy position is also good for spanking the sex doll. However, make sure to protect the sex doll from friction so that it doesn't break. Then, straighten the doll after sex. This position is also good for boob fondling.

The doggy position also offers great access to the backstop. You can either lie on the floor or sit on a bed. When you do this, you can hold the doll in position with your hands, which will allow you to access the vagina. This position is also great for fondling the doll's breasts, allowing you to feel her entire body in a very intimate way.

Using the reverse cowgirl position

If you're looking for a fun new way to spice up your sex life, try using the reverse cowgirl position. It's easy to perform and can impress a new partner, while adding new sex experiences to an old one. The position doesn't require much flexibility, and you can perform it anywhere you'd like. Plus, it's a great workout.

To start using the reverse cowgirl position, start slowly. You may feel a little awkward in the beginning, but it's not a big deal when done properly. Once you're comfortable with the position, the lying-down partner can take a more active role.

Another fun position for having sex with a sex doll is the reverse cowgirl position. This position lets you stare into the doll's eyes and thrust with the weight of the doll's body. You can also use the reverse cowgirl position for vaginal penetration.

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