Heated Sex Dolls | Let Sex Dolls Have Real Body Temperature


Although the sex doll looks very much like a real person, when using a sex doll, it still feels strange because of the sex doll's body temperature. At this time, people are thinking "if only the sex doll could be hot, so that the sex doll would feel different. It must be more comfortable to use" So the sex doll manufacturers at that time wanted the sex doll to have a heating function. After some exploration, the major manufacturers had two solutions!

What is a heated sex doll?

It is a sex doll that can become warm and will not be cold when used. With the direction of the product, the major sex doll manufacturers began to study how to make the sex doll have a heating function. After some exploration, the major manufacturers have two solutions ,And so the heated sex doll was born!

First: Sex doll body heats up

heated sex doll

What is internal heating?

That is, when the sex doll is made, the heater is buried in the sex doll. After making, the sex doll can be heated.

However, according to the manufacturer's continuous testing, a serious problem was discovered.
As we all know, there are only two kinds of sex doll materials on the market: TPE and silicone. In the process of making sex dolls, an important process is to heat and melt the material, and then pour the film. It can become difficult to hide the heater inside the body during this process, and even if the burial is successful, there is no guarantee that the heater will activate successfully. And this success rate is very low, which is very detrimental to production. Even if the above steps are successful, another problem arises.

The inside of the sex doll is airtight, and if the heater is turned on for a long time, there may be no problem with the silicone sex doll, but the TPE sex doll has a higher chance of melting. But this problem has been solved by the manufacturer, that is, to control the heating time.

Of course, there is a third question. "After damage, it cannot be repaired." The probability of damage to the heater inside the sex doll is still relatively high. When the user fails to use it many times, it will have a very bad influence on the manufacturer. Neither the user nor the manufacturer can fix it perfectly. This is really bad.

Therefore, due to the above three reasons, many sex doll manufacturers have to give up the production of endothermic sex dolls. Mass-produced sex dolls will not have internal heat unless requested by the user.

Second:Heating outside the body of the sex doll

heated sex doll

In fact, it was later found that if you want to heat the sex doll, you don't need to heat the entire body of the sex doll. You just need to heat the lower body of the sex doll and you will have a great experience. So now most sex doll manufacturers are making sex dolls. The heating rods are shipped from the factory. The method of use is also very simple. Just put the heating rod into the lower body of the sex doll for dozens of seconds before use, and the vagina and anus of the sex doll will become very warm, which can greatly improve the experience of using the sex doll. And the heating rod is cheap, it is indeed a very good choice.


For the above reasons, most sex dolls with heating rods these days are heated sex dolls. Heated sex dolls are indeed a lot better than cold sex dolls but if you really want to try sex dolls that are heated inside the body then we also customize them to your requirements but we do it over and over before customizing Do remind you to consider incomplete and fragile features.
Finally, I sincerely wish all sex doll players a great time.

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