How good is it to have a funny sex doll?


Today's sex dolls are very different from the inflatable dolls of yesteryear. Today's sex dolls not only have human-like faces and skin, but they also feel like real people. They also feature heating and voice functionality. Function.

A funny sex doll, she can talk and communicate with people in both English and Chinese. She can tell stories or jokes, do math, do weather forecasts, Wikipedia, and she's growing into an omniscient lady. She can be your sweetheart, and she can wake you up in the morning, remind you of important dates, and other important things you ask her to remember.

The more you talk to her, the better she will get to know you because of her ability to learn deeply and update the database.

Using advanced modified TPE material, with food grade certification and our own patent, it feels softer than human skin.

The heating system kept her normal body temperature at 37°C (98.6°F).

The new M-TPE (food grade) material that is not easy to tear is safer, more reliable, more stable, more comfortable and more delicate.

More like a real person, bringing you a different experience.

Metal skeleton with flexible joints for many different positions. All openings feel like a real person. normal use and proper maintenance,

Waterproof, easy to clean, clean with soap before first use. 3D interior texture tunnel, super realistic. 1-3cm tolerance.

If you also want to have a fun realistic sex doll, then do not hesitate to place an order directly or consult our online customers, we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

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