How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence?


In fact, I once imagined what would happen if artificial intelligence and sex dolls were combined. Artificial intelligence is a matter of algorithms. If artificial intelligence succeeds in the future, it would be a pity if artificial intelligence only exists in computers, so artificial intelligence A carrier is needed, and the carrier can be a mobile phone, a computer, or a car, so why can't it be a robot?
In its realization stage, some people have already developed artificial intelligence on sex dolls, but it is limited by technology and other reasons. Today's artificial intelligence sex dolls can only carry out simple conversations. Actions or free conversations are still not enough, but if they can't do it now, they may not be in the future. no.
Let's imagine that in the future, there are already artificial intelligence systems and humanoid robots that can move freely. If the artificial intelligence humanoid robot produced in this way has sexual functions, then this is a high-end realistic sex doll. You can Chat with it, play with it, it can accompany you in your life, help you with a lot of things, and stay with you at night, it's only loyal to you, it's also great, I wish I had access to such a great thing

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