How to Use Sex Doll ?


When you wait for a long time, when your sex doll courier arrives in front of you, please don't rush to open this package, if you see this guide, then congratulations, after you read it, you will become able to Perfect for protecting your wallet, as well as your sex doll.

Buying a sex doll is undoubtedly a huge investment. When you choose carefully and find the one you want most among the many styles of sex dolls, and then compare the prices of various online stores, you find The shop you trust, after you click to place an order, you think this is the last wave of you owning sex dolls, in fact, this is just the beginning.

When You Receive a Sex Doll

Needless to say, the price of sex dolls, she is very expensive. Shipping is a big issue, both as a store and as a customer. What we can do is to use the best transportation method and the best packaging to ensure that the sex doll is good before it is delivered to the customer, but the service of the major transportation companies is not very good, so I remind everyone here, When you receive the goods, be sure to accurately judge whether the sex doll in the box is still in good condition. If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible through the contact information we leave on the website. When you encounter difficulties, we will face it with you.

Unboxing and assembling your sex doll

If you have received a good packaging, then congratulations, you can start the second step.


Unpacking, it is very simple, put the box in a suitable place, please note that sex dolls are still relatively heavy, usually around 70, if you are not very good at carrying things, or you are an old man , I suggest you find your friends or give the deliveryman a little to help you. I really don't want my customers to accidentally spoil a sex doll before they enjoy it.

Carefully remove the tape and open the box

Then look at the text above, there will be text prompting you which side is facing up, then straighten the box, take a pair of scissors or a knife, and gently cut the tape above, you will see the following scene.

Clean Hands

If you don't want the girl of your dreams to be soiled by the hands you just carried and played with, then wash your hands, wash them clean, and greet your girl.

Remove Accessories

In addition to the body of the sex doll, the head, wig, heater, comb, etc. can all be taken out directly.

Take out the Body

It's time to challenge your strength, if it's not mini sex doll, other kinds of sex dolls are very heavy, if you buy BBW Sex Doll, then congratulations, I hope you are a strong man, bbw sex doll is really heavy .

Okay, let’s talk about what you need to do before taking out the body, think about it in advance, where do you want to put the body after you take it out, in order to ensure that the body can be intact during transportation, it is usually wrapped around the body of the sex doll. A circle of foam, don't worry, just take it out together.


Assembly is very simple, put the head on the body, and then put on the wig.
Congratulations, you are now ready to use your sex doll.

Use sex dolls

Let me briefly introduce the basic functions of sex dolls

vaginal, Oral, Anal

Sex dolls are used for sex, so if you don’t buy mini sex dolls, other types of sex dolls have these functions, and some small sex dolls have no oral sex function.

Assisted Sex

If you have lube, it will greatly enhance your sex doll experience, but be careful to use water-based lube. Oil-based or silicone-based lubricants can damage your doll
If you prefer a dry sex environment, then use some talcum powder, baby powder will do.


This sex doll already belongs to you alone. Sex dolls can't get pregnant without condoms, and you don't have to worry about getting infected. Feel free to do so.


That's all our advice on using sex dolls, sex dolls are a lot of fun, and while it may seem like it costs a lot to own, don't worry, I think you'll get more than what you're paying for. And we also have a batch of cheap sex doll, they won't be particularly expensive.
Finally, hope you and your sex doll can have a good time together.

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