Sex Dolls of the Future


What the sex dolls of the future will look like, we're here to take a wild guess. When technology advances, will your fantasy sex doll appear?

I believe everyone must have seen a movie called "Ex Machina". The artificial intelligence life Eva inside is the final form of the sex doll, or the final form of the robot. At that time, there will be more current technologies for artificial intelligence manufacturing, using more perfect materials to make skins. The robot may not be able to be found in the crowd without careful observation. No, or if you just look at it with your eyes, you can't tell who's a robot. As for functionality, I believe that if the factory can make an AI robot, then the functionality you want must be simple for them.
In fact, our current realistic sex dolls are also very advanced, with super realistic skin, movable limbs, various exquisite makeup, and improved feeling of use. I think 30 years ago, people who used inflatable dolls must not have thought that sex dolls can become so real, so beautiful, and how high-end than inflatable dolls.

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