What Does Sex with a Sex Doll Feel Like


In today's society, adult products have made great progress. They are no longer just inflatable balloon-shaped dolls. Now there are many adult products made of skin-like materials, such as masturbation devices, half-length dolls, and full-body dolls. Sex dolls, because the use of materials has improved a lot, so the feeling of use is definitely more comfortable than the products many years ago. I have been selling adult products for many years, and the most frequently asked question by customers is , does it feel realistic to use?
Under normal circumstances, I can only answer the customer: the touch is similar, and it is still different from the real person.

This is of course, after all, this is just a sex doll. The current technology cannot make the experience of using a realistic sex doll exactly the same as that of a real person. Although there are many more functions, such as vaginal movement, internal suction, lubrication, and doll can Make a sound, the doll can talk, but there is still a gap between it and the real person. However, the advantage of a realistic sex doll is that it is a whole doll, and a masturbation device is just a device, which cannot give you a good visual impact and experience. This is incomparable to all adult products except sex dolls. So, if you want to know the answer to the question "What Does Sex with a Sex Doll Feel Like?", I can't answer you perfectly, I can only tell you that if you want to buy adult products, then sex dolls are the most worthwhile. Money is an item, and it has a very, very special allure.

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