What factors affect the price of a sex doll?


When you're shopping for sex dolls, you'll often see a lot of options in online stores. You will find that you have chosen an inexplicable price, and the price slowly rises. At this point, you can understand what affects the price of sex dolls.

1. Hair and head: Generally speaking, the hair of ordinary dolls is fixed wigs and some colors for you to choose from, some expensive ones do not need those wigs, the hair is sewn up one by one so that it looks more real, you can decide on your doll's makeup, hair color, nose size, piercings, basically any facial feature you can think of. The more work the manufacturer does to create the ideal head, the more they charge you

2. Skin tone: If your doll offers multiple skin tone options, this may be a bit more expensive than using the manufacturer's default selection of shades.

3. Body parts: You can customize some body parts you like and do whatever you want. Of course, it will be more expensive. The factory default is the finished product, and the customization needs to be remodeled.

4. Extra Features: Freckles, blemishes, and scars for different skin tones. Or even add vibrating parts or artificial intelligence so your doll can stimulate you more. Every extra thing you pile up adds to the cost.

The above are all factors that affect the price of dolls. We have many options for realistic sex dolls without the need for money. Price concessions, quality guaranteed. come and see

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