What Is Sex Doll?| Sex Dolls Explained in Detail


Sex dolls, also known as lover dolls, are sex toys that are the same height as a real person or have only a part of the human body. The main purpose is to help people with their sexual needs. It was originally created by sailors in France and Spain and was simply made from old clothes of the time. With the advancement of technology, it has gradually evolved into what it is today

Sex Dolls Variants

The popular sex dolls on the market can be roughly divided into two types: solid sex dolls and inflatable sex dolls. Solid sex dolls are mannequin-like dolls, while inflatable sex dolls are dolls filled with gas inside, similar to a balloon. The difference between the two dolls will be briefly described in detail below.

Solid sex doll

Crafting materials

From the current market point of view, the material for making solid dolls is generally silicone or TPE. Silicone sex dolls are more expensive, but can restore richer details. TPE dolls are relatively cheap and feel better, but they cannot reproduce more details (for example, silicone sex dolls can be implanted with hair).


Solid sex dolls typically range from $300 to $5,000. The workmanship, height, material, function and brand effect of the doll will lead to a very large gap in the price of solid dolls. For example, WM, a well-known brand of sex dolls, generally sells sex dolls above $2,000, but the quality of the dolls they produce is really high, which is why many sex doll players like WM. I wrote an article about the price of sex dolls before. If you don't know what price sex dolls to choose, you can click here "How much do sex dolls cost? 》


Solid sex dolls cannot be significantly bent and folded (just like you cannot fit an adult in a suitcase). In order to avoid damaging the physical doll during shipping, major sex doll manufacturers will produce or find higher quality shipping boxes with enough buffers (such as sponges) inside. These reasons lead to higher prices for shipping sex dolls.

How to use physical sex dolls

The physical sex doll will be shipped to you separately from the head and body, you just need to put the head of the sex doll on the neck of the sex doll and press hard, it is very simple. Once installed, she is like a real woman and you can do whatever you want with her

Inflatable sex doll

Crafting materials

Inflatable sex dolls are generally made of soft PVC, like a balloon


The price of inflatable sex dolls is very low compared to solid sex dolls, and mass production is very convenient, which can greatly reduce the price of the product. The average price of inflatable sex dolls is under $200


Transportation of the inflatable sex doll is very convenient, because when she is not in use, only a small square box is needed to hold the body of the inflatable sex doll, so the transportation will be very convenient

How to use an inflatable sex doll

Inflatable sex dolls are cumbersome to use. You need to inflate the sex doll (like blowing up a balloon). When the gas inside the doll reaches a certain amount, the hips and chest of the inflatable sex doll will bulge, so that the inflatable sex doll will look like a woman (but it is much less realistic than a solid sex doll), I don't believe anyone would Having sex with an inflatable sex doll before the inflatable sex doll is filled with gas

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